Yupitergrad - Release Date Trailer | PS VR

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If you looking for a VR game almost free of risk of motion sickness or headaches, with wacky humour and great controls, you found it. It’s a tasteful mix of platforming, resolving puzzles, and swinging through a space station with grace.
Yupitergrad launch on PlayStation VR is a great moment for all of our Social Spaciety. With one of the most responsive controls on VR platforms, addictive Time Attack mode, and comic-dieselpunk vibe it’s another evidence of great Slavic engineering.
Coming to PlayStation VR on 25.02.2021

K.G.B. 13 dagar sedan
Ничто не может лучше передать атмосферу советской космической станции, чем хардбасс.
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 13 dagar sedan
Time to whip out the Adidas gear
Scooby Douche
Scooby Douche 14 dagar sedan
Can you please restock the PS5 IN stores and tackle ebay? Scalping is illegal and you'd be morally right in doing so!
João Antonio
João Antonio 14 dagar sedan
Kobayashi 14 dagar sedan
Song title plz
Let's Chat
Let's Chat 14 dagar sedan
Now THIS is a ve trailer!
Chur chiken Maniger
Chur chiken Maniger 14 dagar sedan
Unban my account Cmontalvo69
Martin Fernandez
Martin Fernandez 14 dagar sedan
This is great ! Attack on titan vr game like this would be great!
Vigi1antVort3x 14 dagar sedan
Spiderman VR: Slavic Edition
franksond 14 dagar sedan
RE 8 Village in VR. That's what we want😸👍
Falling Black Snow
Falling Black Snow 14 dagar sedan
Make psvr2 otherwise nobody will play it
iván. 14 dagar sedan
Cuando van a estar todos o almenos la mayoría de juegos de ps4 en ps5 a 60 fps los de 30 o a 120 fps los de 60?
dividesandconquer 14 dagar sedan
This looks sick
• BlackHoleMatters
• BlackHoleMatters 14 dagar sedan
жесть... космогопарь с вантузами xD
TKTXL 14 dagar sedan
With great power come with great vodka
Trash Boat
Trash Boat 14 dagar sedan
Attack on Slav
Lemuel Delvalle
Lemuel Delvalle 14 dagar sedan
So..We’re all Spider-Men?
Markus Wolf
Markus Wolf 14 dagar sedan
Jet island > This game
Old-Man Batman
Old-Man Batman 14 dagar sedan
Slavic Pride, baby! 🇵🇱🇷🇺
Oleg Kutuzoff
Oleg Kutuzoff 14 dagar sedan
Hmmmm Why Slav? It Soviet.
fross sid
fross sid 14 dagar sedan
return for sale ps vr (а игра фигня какая то :)
Amy 14 dagar sedan
PSVR 2 please!
Arda Şekerci
Arda Şekerci 14 dagar sedan
PSVR. Great concept with ancient PS3 technology. I will never forgive you for that Sony.
Branden L Diaz
Branden L Diaz 14 dagar sedan
ٰ: Insta ٰL7mti
ٰ: Insta ٰL7mti 14 dagar sedan
دعمكم بايخ عههههههه
Ace Warrior
Ace Warrior 14 dagar sedan
It really makes you FEEL like Slavic-Man
SuperBenno7 14 dagar sedan
I am now imagining Just Cause in VR. Imagine being able to freeroam with a cable, wingsuit and parachute in VR 😯
Marcus Cheong
Marcus Cheong 14 dagar sedan
Sony give us a new PlayStation handheld with proper support and marketing. Do away with those proprietary SD cards and support the handheld with a large library of games.
Garrett Ferrell
Garrett Ferrell 14 dagar sedan
I can’t wait for this,it will be like SpiderMan in VR
Allen Tate
Allen Tate 14 dagar sedan
This is..........why not just make a spider man game
Bumblebee 69
Bumblebee 69 14 dagar sedan
@sony You need to start pushing ps5's out if you wanna make that cash
MeGaFPSPlAyEr3000 14 dagar sedan
Production isn’t the issue. Scalpers are.
andrew game play BR
andrew game play BR 14 dagar sedan
cool ps
The Commmentor
The Commmentor 14 dagar sedan
Why are my hands plunger
Lunar Gaming
Lunar Gaming 14 dagar sedan
Looks great 👍
Robin Chakravarty
Robin Chakravarty 14 dagar sedan
I saw a playthrough on SVfrom. It is actually really difficult.
Piotr Surmacz
Piotr Surmacz 13 dagar sedan
Believe me it isn't. We've tested every chamber many, many times. ;)
jerrodkilla23 14 dagar sedan
Game is fun af on the quest 2.
Garrett Ferrell
Garrett Ferrell 14 dagar sedan
I’m thinking about getting a Quest 2.I currently have PSVR and I love it but it’s dated technology and I feel like its becoming obsolete and it doesn’t look like PSVR2 is coming any time soon..the Quest 2 still in its infancy and it’s a great headset.its quite impressive what it is capable of without the need for a PC or console
Crash Zone
Crash Zone 14 dagar sedan
Slavic Spiderman simulator.
Kaiya Leilani
Kaiya Leilani 14 dagar sedan
Oh yeah. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Sash-O O
Sash-O O 14 dagar sedan
Looks crazy, I’m in!
Felix 14 dagar sedan
Attack on titan VR
Mick Fitz
Mick Fitz 14 dagar sedan
What is this I don't even
Hex 14 dagar sedan
It is mandatory to wear an Adidas tracksuit while playing this game.
Dm So
Dm So 14 dagar sedan
And listen to Nash Gimn.
Mário Lopes
Mário Lopes 14 dagar sedan
And drink vodka :)
Uncle Berry
Uncle Berry 14 dagar sedan
I am here early because I have rights.
Madara Uchiha
Madara Uchiha 14 dagar sedan
Claim your before 24 hours ticket right here 👇
splashyDIAMONDus 14 dagar sedan
Slav music intensifies
Chris Bridston
Chris Bridston 14 dagar sedan
STILL WAITING FOR MY PSVR/PS5 adapter so I CAN PLAY PSVR AGAIN 🤬🤨🤨 frustrated!!!!
Chris Bridston
Chris Bridston 14 dagar sedan
I do :).. and I can prove it! Buggiest console I’ve ever owned .. the never ending copying disc in the queue caused me to have to stay offline for a couple months .. I’ve had to factory reset 4 times .. I start in safety mode every time I start it to rebuild my data base to prevent the every other week freezes on demon souls .. miles morales .. and Valhalla 😉.. I earned that f-ing console .. waited outside fred meyer from 11 pm- 5am
Hector Mackie
Hector Mackie 14 dagar sedan
I don’t even have vr
Patrick Rossier
Patrick Rossier 14 dagar sedan
If you registered you get it. Got mine the day before my PS5 arrived
MsUltraBob 14 dagar sedan
I have the adapter but no ps5...
rodney abbey
rodney abbey 14 dagar sedan
U don't have a ps5
iiCarNaGE_1 14 dagar sedan
*Cyka* *blyat* Russian Hard Bass in a video game?? Let's goo!! 🤙
The SwapMeet Flea
The SwapMeet Flea 14 dagar sedan
You Peter Grad?
Khushi Entertainment
Khushi Entertainment 14 dagar sedan
""""any collage+& school students here """😍❤️💝
splashyDIAMONDus 14 dagar sedan
Chris Bridston
Chris Bridston 14 dagar sedan
Very very very very very very very very very very very Very very RANDO RANDOM :) lol 😉😂
Tristan Genereux
Tristan Genereux 14 dagar sedan
Spider vr!
K0K1 GAMES 14 dagar sedan
Rubber duck Clan
Rubber duck Clan 14 dagar sedan
Spider russian
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