Persona 5 Strikers - Launch Trailer | PS4

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The Phantom Thieves have done it again! See what critics are saying about Persona 5 Strikers.
The Digital Deluxe Edition of Persona 5 Strikers is available now, and launches for all players February 23rd on PlayStation 4!
Persona 5 Strikers takes players on an epic road trip with the Phantom Thieves, where they strike back against the corruption overwhelming cities across Japan. A summer vacation with close friends takes a sudden turn as a distorted reality emerges; reveal the truth and redeem the hearts of those imprisoned at the center of the crisis!
Pre-order now!

GI joystick
GI joystick 2 dagar sedan
Let’s be honest none of us saw this coming
Sam Stafford
Sam Stafford 4 dagar sedan
This game looks awesome
ShadowBlade Ace
ShadowBlade Ace 7 dagar sedan
Is this the Launch Trailer or the Accolades Trailer? Because I feel like it's the latter rather than the former.
Sonic171000 7 dagar sedan
I’m in no rush to play any P5 spinoff if it isn’t P5 Arena.
Yuuki 6 dagar sedan
P5 Arena will never happen
Zikari SG
Zikari SG 7 dagar sedan
Love it so far!
Toaster Sama
Toaster Sama 8 dagar sedan
Ah, you're back.
Daniele C.
Daniele C. 8 dagar sedan
song name at 1:14 ?
Daniele C.
Daniele C. 4 dagar sedan
@BurnMyBread Thanks a lot, I've been looking for it for days
BurnMyBread 4 dagar sedan
It’s the final boss theme phase 2
Sean Carter
Sean Carter 8 dagar sedan
Got my copy yesterday
Matron Lars
Matron Lars 8 dagar sedan
Got absteelbook case with my pre order. Glad I pre order the game
Luke Silletta
Luke Silletta 8 dagar sedan
You had me at Persona 5.
Joseph 9 dagar sedan
Finally a sequel to mario strikers
RecklessGames1 8 dagar sedan
Underrated comment that would do better on nintendos video of this
Matthew Mulkey
Matthew Mulkey 9 dagar sedan
Plus it’s also awesome on the Nintendo Switch
Yuuki 6 dagar sedan
Unfortunate that the Switch version is poorly optimized.
arrownoir 9 dagar sedan
Don’t consume the entire world, costume the world.
Peter Parkour
Peter Parkour 9 dagar sedan
bet it's gonna be locked at 30fps 😒
Yuuki 8 dagar sedan
Only the Switch version runs it at 30. PS4/PS5 and PC have it at 60fps
hackerquin 9 dagar sedan
If i still can't romance Ryuji then what's the point😀?
Tyler Todd
Tyler Todd 9 dagar sedan
I dunno anythn about the persona games should I play them in order?
RvngX 9 dagar sedan
Or play persona 5
RvngX 9 dagar sedan
Fluffy Bunny
Fluffy Bunny 10 dagar sedan
Is it a 1-player game Or can you play local/online co op?
O D 10 dagar sedan
single player game only
Ghijunz 10 dagar sedan
Imma say it, there gonna make a royal version out of this next year right?
Sync 89
Sync 89 9 dagar sedan
I pray the dlc doesn't cost as much as a game
Ghijunz 9 dagar sedan
@Nate Ortega couldn't agree more
Nate Ortega
Nate Ortega 9 dagar sedan
nah maybe dlc which would be awesome imagine, Kasumi, and crow from royal in here
Gabriel Cruz
Gabriel Cruz 10 dagar sedan
i´m buiyng this on launch day,i´m so happy
Zaku God of War 戰神渣古
Zaku God of War 戰神渣古 10 dagar sedan
Zaku God of War 戰神渣古
Zaku God of War 戰神渣古 8 dagar sedan
@Yuuki It’s mainly publishing issues with copyright laws. It’s always like this since day one. So stupid the West only get old games released a year later than Asia. I ended up registering my PS and XB accounts in Japan to get the latest games.
Yuuki 8 dagar sedan
Translation takes time, plus COVID
Bally With The Blammy
Bally With The Blammy 10 dagar sedan
playing this on my channel and having so much fun with it so far !
chronicle 7820
chronicle 7820 10 dagar sedan
0:56 this is when you know this game going to be Lit with a music like that
Estúdio 33 - Evander Macedo
Estúdio 33 - Evander Macedo 10 dagar sedan
Jogo vendido no Brasil sem legenda em português? Não recebe um centavo meu.
JT Tunes
JT Tunes 11 dagar sedan
Love the final boss music as the trailer music hehe
Kobito_DC5 11 dagar sedan
So is it worth it?
Yuuki 8 dagar sedan
I've put over 20+ hours and I say it is 100% worth it (also that I've played vanilla and Royal)
RvngX 9 dagar sedan
LukeRen SSB
LukeRen SSB 11 dagar sedan
I have both consoles this game is on but imma get it on switch for the novelty
Yuuki 8 dagar sedan
It runs poorly on the Switch sadly. 30fps at 900p plus the loading times
Marco Pastore
Marco Pastore 11 dagar sedan
PoohnerPanda 11 dagar sedan
Is this going to be a blocked scene like P5 Vanilla was?
Randy Williams
Randy Williams 11 dagar sedan
I’m wondering if they’ll make DLC where you meet up with Akechi and Kasumi or the cast from Persona 4 or 3
MAD ZAc 11 dagar sedan
Just Some Girl Without a Mustache
Just Some Girl Without a Mustache 11 dagar sedan
well there goes akechi being another culprit again
SirMiluch 11 dagar sedan
>dub Disgusting
Prince 27
Prince 27 11 dagar sedan
0:14 What's music is that?
fnaf world
fnaf world 11 dagar sedan
I want a demo now
dennis wright
dennis wright 11 dagar sedan
already beat it. It was alright
dennis wright
dennis wright 8 dagar sedan
@Yuuki maybe for you yea
Yuuki 8 dagar sedan
I would change that "alright" to amazing
Candy Candy Girl
Candy Candy Girl 11 dagar sedan
I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!! 😍😍😍
elite6321 12 dagar sedan
Sync 89
Sync 89 9 dagar sedan
Having a vacation at dennys
Mystic Pebbles
Mystic Pebbles 12 dagar sedan
I like how they failed to mention the digital pre order early access. been playing since thursday night, it's great!
Lana Winters
Lana Winters 12 dagar sedan
I wonder if I should get it on switch or os4
Yuuki 8 dagar sedan
@Space Vibe Music It's more like 30fps
Isaiah Alfred
Isaiah Alfred 10 dagar sedan
@Space Vibe Music nah, im just messing around but i feel i wouldn't be so great
Space Vibe Music
Space Vibe Music 10 dagar sedan
@Isaiah Alfred 2 FPS? Is that confirmed?
Isaiah Alfred
Isaiah Alfred 10 dagar sedan
@Space Vibe Music 2 fps, 6 minute loading screens but its portable tho 😳😳😳
Space Vibe Music
Space Vibe Music 10 dagar sedan
Switch. Portability.
Mathew 12 dagar sedan
is it free ?
Sync 89
Sync 89 9 dagar sedan
Yes go into your local store grab a copy walk out
alaa aboaljadayl
alaa aboaljadayl 12 dagar sedan
Greg Miller
Greg Miller 12 dagar sedan
Everyone wait for the Royal Edition to come out you'll get to play as Dante and Virgil from devil may cry. Plus they'll add demifiend and the p3 and p4 cast for a grand total of 100 dollars
Jess H
Jess H 12 dagar sedan
I really liked P5 and P5R, but I have NEVER played a musou game (I think that's what they're called) before. Should I get this?
1000plo 11 dagar sedan
Well, if you haven't ever played a musou, no one can say if you are gonna like it or not. Still, this is a very "soft musou", with many elements taken directly from the saga Persona. If you loved P5, you are probably gonna love this game too.
0000 0000
0000 0000 12 dagar sedan
The Vulcan
The Vulcan 12 dagar sedan
Been playing this for 15 hours and all I'll say is that it's worth the wait
Lo-Fi Gaming
Lo-Fi Gaming 12 dagar sedan
I got bored playing it. Regrets. There's really something boring about hack and slash and too much dialogues.
Sonic171000 7 dagar sedan
It’s a musou game, games I dislike. So I might hate it as well. Even though I love P5.
gamer beast
gamer beast 11 dagar sedan
Its not for everyone
hgfgh gfhfffh
hgfgh gfhfffh 12 dagar sedan
AlweizSummer 12 dagar sedan
Oh u know I need to download this pronto
Jermaine Morgan
Jermaine Morgan 12 dagar sedan
I will be playing this on my pc 👊
Scooby Douche
Scooby Douche 12 dagar sedan
Can you please restock the PS5 IN stores and tackle eBay along with StockX? Scalping is illegal and you'd be morally right in doing so!
carpetfluff 11 dagar sedan
It's not currently illegal, although some places are discussing things that may make it so.
Hatsune Miku
Hatsune Miku 12 dagar sedan
Upcoming persona 3 & 4 strikers 😂
Cococrash11 12 dagar sedan
Awesome Persona 5 Strikers Launch Trailer.
Jonathan 13 dagar sedan
P5 Strikers, SMT 3 Remastered, SMT V and the 25th anniversary of Persona. Yep, 2021 looks promising for Atlus fans.
David Phoenix
David Phoenix 13 dagar sedan
I loved P5 and Royal paid full price for both on launch. This though.. definitely can wait for a price drop.
Yuuki 8 dagar sedan
It's worth it at full price
AveragePersonaWeeb 13 dagar sedan
I've been watching this nonstop for 5 hours now please help
Sync 89
Sync 89 9 dagar sedan
I don't know why but I can't buy the digital version if there's a physical version I could buy I have to buy it physical
AveragePersonaWeeb 13 dagar sedan
@Alex Williams I only bought the regular version 😭😭😭 I gotta wait a little more
Alex Williams
Alex Williams 13 dagar sedan
Buy the digital deluxe edition and play it now like me
RebelliousWolf 13 dagar sedan
Getting paid so the same day too. Let's freaking go!
AveragePersonaWeeb 13 dagar sedan
Cries in I didnt buy the digital deluxe
Wabona Dandi
Wabona Dandi 13 dagar sedan
Hey guys I am new to youtube, and I plan to blow up this year! come join my journey and see where it takes you.
moonlighter 13 dagar sedan
DAY 1 bb
AfluffyPunda 13 dagar sedan
Its drm free Wooooo
Mr. Snake
Mr. Snake 13 dagar sedan
Already playing it. And as usual, it is a masterpiece. Thank you Playstation and Atlus.
jenny shinu
jenny shinu 13 dagar sedan
I don't have money :(
Licht AmSchluusseln
Licht AmSchluusseln 13 dagar sedan
Is it complete already???? How many DLCs are still unrealesed????? 😆😆😆😆😆
TheQuincy 13 dagar sedan
I already have the Steelbook for preorder. This is definitely going to be satisfy my thirst for more P5/P5R.
Sync 89
Sync 89 9 dagar sedan
Lol totally off topic
TheQuincy 9 dagar sedan
@Sync 89 ?
Sync 89
Sync 89 9 dagar sedan
Do you wish we could pay 10 extra dollars for the perks digital users get
FlashAwesomeGaming 13 dagar sedan
Joker - We will take this country!
TallulahSoie 13 dagar sedan
I'll just assume it's censored and ignore it. Thanks, Sony.
TroyGaming Channel
TroyGaming Channel 13 dagar sedan
No ps5 version not getting it oh well never played royal but really wantef this game now ill get something else
Gus Raynor
Gus Raynor 5 dagar sedan
Who cares if there’s no ps5 version that’s dumb you still get 4K graphics fast loading time and smooth gameplay on the ps5 🙄
GAME BREAKER GOD 13 dagar sedan
One piece pirate warriors: I’m in danger..
Gaijin Controller
Gaijin Controller 11 dagar sedan
@Kobito_DC5 honestly both are amazing in their own ways but with strikers you will have to come in with strategy because it's based off of P5
Verix 11 dagar sedan
@Kobito_DC5 much better, well at least I can say so for pirate warriors, never played fate but it’s such a fun and unique take on this style of gameplay
Kobito_DC5 11 dagar sedan
Is it better than pirate warriors and fate extella link?
totoy 12 dagar sedan
Im waiting for you to break this game GBG.
Getikia Kusomai
Getikia Kusomai 12 dagar sedan
Hopefully they butts come out with new dlc with new characters and maps
veRs- over
veRs- over 13 dagar sedan
Can't wait to get it. I order both version to get the steelbook and the pin
YFN Dorsey
YFN Dorsey 13 dagar sedan
My goodness!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥
Faerhad Targaryen
Faerhad Targaryen 13 dagar sedan
I really wish there was a collector's version, but I have the steelbook edition preordered at Best Buy
Dani Briantama
Dani Briantama 13 dagar sedan
here it is ladies and gentlement, this is one of the best game milking in history. i like it.
Symm 13 dagar sedan
Is there any franchise that they can't slap onto the warriors format? It's getting as bad as the Lego games.
Dway 13 dagar sedan
this game has a 30 min log in the beginning b4 goin into action
Baqer DE
Baqer DE 13 dagar sedan
Nicale ATiffa
Nicale ATiffa 13 dagar sedan
Boring repetitive weeb game...😒
ElJefe950 21 timme sedan
@Nicale ATiffa 😴
Yuuki 8 dagar sedan
@Nicale ATiffa Be quiet kid, you don't belong here
Nicale ATiffa
Nicale ATiffa 8 dagar sedan
The game is for the edgy teenagers who didn't had any fulfilling school experience. Truth hurts now go cry on the corner 😂
Yuuki 8 dagar sedan
Horrible take ngl. Please leave the room. Also, how is it a weeb game if the setting is in Tokyo?
Bros Before Hee-ho-hos
Bros Before Hee-ho-hos 11 dagar sedan
You got your cheeks clapped by the game ayy bro?
Magilou 13 dagar sedan
Still can’t decide whether to play Royal or Scramble/Strikers, ugh.
Yuuki 8 dagar sedan
If you want the best version of Persona 5, get Royal. It's better than vanilla and Strikers is fantastic despite the combat being vastly different
태선우TaeSunWoo 11 dagar sedan
They’re both canon tho
Magilou 13 dagar sedan
@Nocturne Oh I know, that’s one of the reasons for my hesitation.
Nocturne 13 dagar sedan
Well if you’re going to play Royal, just know that it isn’t canon, so Kasumi won’t appear in this. Strikers takes place after the 2017 version.
Issei Ddraig21
Issei Ddraig21 13 dagar sedan
Well, What Else can I say? "It's Show Time!"
Tchitchouan Inouane
Tchitchouan Inouane 13 dagar sedan
futaba of the tam tam tam
Michael Christian
Michael Christian 13 dagar sedan
Can it play co-op split screen?
Alfie 13 dagar sedan
No, sorry.
JVdragoon 13 dagar sedan
Nope, you can't
That JRPG Bro
That JRPG Bro 13 dagar sedan
Is it Tuesday yet?
El Navas
El Navas 13 dagar sedan
English dub is so cringe
Ultra-Niche-Gaming 21 timme sedan
@SirMiluch That just like your opinion man. Let's agree to disagree. I love english dubs so to each their own. Don't be a hater.
SirMiluch 11 dagar sedan
@Ultra-Niche-Gaming it is. All dubs are nothing but cringe. Regardless of the country origin. No one sane would ever choose copy over original.
Ultra-Niche-Gaming 12 dagar sedan
It's not.
Alibaba 13 dagar sedan
Ahmad Zorro
Ahmad Zorro 13 dagar sedan
NO HORNY 13 dagar sedan
there are elements in the previous game that i liked were removed but i will give it a try since my inner persona i calling to me
Nocturne 13 dagar sedan
Well if anything it’s like Dynasty Warriors or Hyrule Warriors, so if you’ve played those this is kinda what to expect.
Dekuu_Prime 13 dagar sedan
I'm live playing persona5 strikers wanna come see?
Rohan Singh
Rohan Singh 13 dagar sedan
the soundtrack absoultely slaps
Larry Bird
Larry Bird 13 dagar sedan
I’m mad I pre ordered but the disc edition so I get it on the 23rd
Larry Bird
Larry Bird 13 dagar sedan
@Henry Townshend fax that why I got it from bestbuy
Henry Townshend
Henry Townshend 13 dagar sedan
Me too but at least I'll get that sweet steel book
KAYSUNA 13 dagar sedan
These games are one of the game makes you guilty for cracking, I'd buy this game ❤️ worth spending
Nocturne 13 dagar sedan
Persona 5 Strikers anti-piracy screen when?
Dr Cory
Dr Cory 13 dagar sedan
Cool game trailer
cursedknot 13 dagar sedan
This is maybe the best dynasty warriors type game out there
Boser King97
Boser King97 8 dagar sedan
@Param Sekhon I think he means new not old, because you know dw3-5 aren't avilable to purchase (EVERYWHERE)
Dekiru 10 dagar sedan
@hekickedmydog same here dawg
hekickedmydog 12 dagar sedan
I really enjoyed Age of Calamity
Param Sekhon
Param Sekhon 13 dagar sedan
Na the old dw games cant be topped
TJ Reed
TJ Reed 13 dagar sedan
Imagine if they remade p3 and p4 for the ps4
SSC 882
SSC 882 13 dagar sedan
@Nocturne I get it, but P4? That was some bs
Nocturne 13 dagar sedan
@SSC 882 Altus doesn’t like acknowledging the existence of Persona 1 and 2, so I doubt they’ll ever release a remake.
SSC 882
SSC 882 13 dagar sedan
P1 and P2 need a remake more than P3 and specially P4 (which is on steam)
Derrick Matthews
Derrick Matthews 13 dagar sedan
Yahoo Wierdo
Yahoo Wierdo 13 dagar sedan
Woo im ready for this
Alejandro Romero
Alejandro Romero 13 dagar sedan
Reasons for being alive: this game is launching on my birthday.
Dead TV
Dead TV 9 dagar sedan
Happy birthday! Just got the game rn
DeathKurai 9 dagar sedan
Happy Birthday! =D Have fun with this game!
Kyle Tyrrell
Kyle Tyrrell 9 dagar sedan
Happy Birthday!
Suros Bray
Suros Bray 9 dagar sedan
Happy Birthday Alejandro!!!
Dead TV
Dead TV 10 dagar sedan
Happy early birthday hope you enjoy the game
inFAMOUS GAMiNG 13 dagar sedan
Ill wait for a sale but I’ll definitely get
Livius 13 dagar sedan
Can't wait for this to arrive, I have pre order it. Super hyped.
Alex Williams
Alex Williams 13 dagar sedan
Lol im already playing
amazingrickboy 13 dagar sedan
@Sam Baetzel I’m Canadian so the price in usd is 73$
Sam Baetzel
Sam Baetzel 13 dagar sedan
I only paid $60 on the PSN store; downloaded yesterday for preload, and started playing today. Why would they jack up the price to $93 all of a sudden?
amazingrickboy 13 dagar sedan
@Sam Baetzel that’s only the premium one for 93 dollars
Sam Baetzel
Sam Baetzel 13 dagar sedan
Did you preorder digital deluxe version? If so, you can download and play it as of today
RJPLAYGAME 13 dagar sedan
Molten Bomber
Molten Bomber 13 dagar sedan
el_super_mi 13 dagar sedan
Did anybody else have trouble when getting the trophies they don’t appear on my psn account?
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