Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection - Announcement Trailer | PS4

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The NINJA GAIDEN Master Collection is slated to launch on June 10th, 2021, and will package the classic game NINJA GAIDEN Sigma alongside beloved titles NINJA GAIDEN Sigma 2 and NINJA GAIDEN 3: Razor's Edge - with most of the previously released game modes and DLC costumes in one thrilling collection.
Three extremely high-speed and intense ninja action games are now available in one package!
Enjoy three games from the NINJA GAIDEN series in this single collection. The nostalgic yet timeless high-speed action of the series unfolds on the latest hardware, so look forward to heated battles with fearsome opponents!
Most of the previously released game modes and DLC costumes for each title are included in this thrilling collection. In addition to Ryu Hayabusa, each of the other characters also have many different costumes to choose from, allowing for action-packed battles in outfits of your choice.
** Online multiplayer is not available for the "TAG MISSIONS" in NINJA GAIDEN Σ2.
** The "Clan Battle" for "Shadows of the World" in NINJA GAIDEN 3 Razor's Edge is not included. Online multiplayer is not available for "Ninja Trials".

Oswaldo Rivas
Oswaldo Rivas 41 minut sedan
Dark souls= Depression Ninja Gaiden= Mental Issues
Van Damme
Van Damme 7 timmar sedan
Best game of all time 👍🏽🔥💯
T 995
T 995 10 timmar sedan
The fact this announcement don't even have a million views just shows how unappreciated these games are.. I know it's the sigma versions (which are a bit lacking) but I cannot wait!.😁
Matthew ?
Matthew ? 14 timmar sedan
My childhood
Tru ghost
Tru ghost 19 timmar sedan
Shut up, and take my money!
True Darth Revan
True Darth Revan Dag sedan
Looks like I m gona broke my joystick again at Alma boss.
Ardi Ardiansyah
Ardi Ardiansyah Dag sedan
i want Ninja Gaiden 4.. i really want it.. when i'm 50, better be DMC 11 and Ninja Gaiden 10 already made.. i'll still play it..
nemo pouncey
nemo pouncey Dag sedan
I missed out on all the 3d ninja Gaiden games. Only played the 2d ones an the arcade one.
Say 141 Walkthrough Indonesia
Say 141 Walkthrough Indonesia Dag sedan
I wait for this game
Assassin Z
Assassin Z Dag sedan
En verdad quisiera que sacaran el ninja gaiden 4 ;-; adoro la historia que tiene este personaje
Kiedis Dag sedan
Joel Mulligan
Joel Mulligan Dag sedan
I sincerely hope they tone down the achievements for these because the originals are stupidly time consuming
Rez TKF Dag sedan
With the tiring concept of remakes.. I cant be mad or even complain about this one besides them planning to sell it for new game price. This is a great series with wonderful mechanics.
SykPaul 2 dagar sedan
ProdiAction 2 dagar sedan
Yes, Let’s goooo I’ve been waiting for this gotta set me a reminder for this!!!!! I Pray They Make A Ninja Gaiden 4
Ascension.INC 2 dagar sedan
This is what we all came for 1:24
Tio LiMes
Tio LiMes 2 dagar sedan
demorou pra lançar essa porra pra pc !!!
Fawk Off
Fawk Off 2 dagar sedan
Sorry I don't speak taco Bell
MOAEAD 677 3 dagar sedan
The legendary old game
Frank Hernandez
Frank Hernandez 3 dagar sedan
60 -120 fps 4k???Ill buy instantly!
AG 19 timmar sedan
Most likely
Nile Hernandez
Nile Hernandez 3 dagar sedan
They need to make a option so you have a choice either to be ryu or the other characters
Ans Saleh
Ans Saleh 4 dagar sedan
Let's go baby👊👊
IceThatJaw 4 dagar sedan
I haven't played any of the games listed here, just Ninja Gaiden and Ninja Gaiden Black for the Xbox. I also wonder whatever happened to the lead creator for those games. The creepy dude with the sunglasses.
SlashDN TV
SlashDN TV 3 timmar sedan
Sigma is black
Gonzalo Gonzalez
Gonzalo Gonzalez 4 dagar sedan
Jose A. Bocanegra
Jose A. Bocanegra 5 dagar sedan
I wonder, why, so much time for This? Why?
Gustavo Gutierrez
Gustavo Gutierrez 5 dagar sedan
I am definitely going to purchase this collection. As a Ninja Gaiden fan myself, this couldn't have come at a better time.
Jeremy Vega
Jeremy Vega 6 dagar sedan
Yeah! Looks fantastic! What about if they start to work on a remake of the whole Tenchu series? 🥺🙏🏻
SundownTE 6 dagar sedan
YOOOO THIS IS THE GREATEST NEWS ALL YEAR 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 most people don't know that Team Ninja used to produce CLASSICS
Fredrik friberg
Fredrik friberg 6 dagar sedan
Äntligen kommer de spelet tillbaka ska bli grymt hoppas de släpper mer med ninja gaiden efter detta 👌🏻👌🏻
MANOFGOD9000 6 dagar sedan
Hopefully the performance is addressed. If NGS2 still pauses the gameplay to load a level, I may as well keep playing my PS3 version.
Blazes WithWolvez
Blazes WithWolvez 5 dagar sedan
Wow. It's comical how snobby we have become over a 10 second load time.
GTNima 6 dagar sedan
Im sure it will run fine
Scott Lamontia
Scott Lamontia 6 dagar sedan
Dark souls: I am the hardest game there is Ninja Gaiden on master ninja difficulty: hold my beer.
Paul Ziem
Paul Ziem 6 dagar sedan
Aahhh, the original Dark Souls.
Robert Moutrey
Robert Moutrey 6 dagar sedan
Hopefully Sigma and Sigma 2 will have blood
Blazes WithWolvez
Blazes WithWolvez 5 dagar sedan
Doesn't need blood. Too visceral. We as a society are too comfortable with violence already. There's enough blood in real life. The enemies in the game are demons. Beyond physics. Purple mist works just fine.
diepzone 6 dagar sedan
Hope they brought blood back into Sigma 2.
yedong wang
yedong wang 6 dagar sedan
What does SIGAMA on earth mean in the title ,anyone here knows about the meaning of the word?
nonocere 6 dagar sedan
0:47 BOY
MOAEAD 677 3 dagar sedan
I know I know Ayane :)
FDN [The One Eyed God]
FDN [The One Eyed God] 6 dagar sedan
Trent Sammigrad
Trent Sammigrad 6 dagar sedan
Will it have Multiplayer? I loved Razor's Edge MP.
Realm Gold
Realm Gold 7 dagar sedan
👀👏👏 👏 👏
Liger 7 dagar sedan
i waited so long for this yes thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reginald Vannison
Reginald Vannison 7 dagar sedan
Can’t wait to cop this. Been a fan since Ninja Gaiden 89 nes.
Dante 7 dagar sedan
Friendly reminder that Nioh takes place centuries before NG.
Dante MurdersYT
Dante MurdersYT 7 dagar sedan
Hope i can get this on ps5
Guilherme Giglio
Guilherme Giglio 7 dagar sedan
No Yaiba? No buy! =D
Guilherme Giglio
Guilherme Giglio 4 dagar sedan
@Blazes WithWolvez r/woosh 2
Blazes WithWolvez
Blazes WithWolvez 5 dagar sedan
Yaiba was awful
GTNima 7 dagar sedan
ok cool. i dont know why you would want that game
Old And Classic Games
Old And Classic Games 7 dagar sedan
shoul make the same whit metal gear solid , snake eater and subsistence
Old And Classic Games
Old And Classic Games 7 dagar sedan
so nice
Christin Eleven
Christin Eleven 7 dagar sedan
Hayabusa for Smash!!!
cyberathlete 7 dagar sedan
Can't wait for this game. I ranked top 100 in North America for Ninja Gaiden Black master trials. This was definitely the hardest game I had played.
Andre 7 dagar sedan
Sigma versions? NO THANKS!
SlashDN TV
SlashDN TV 3 timmar sedan
Their basically the original dark souls. Best ninja gaiden games
Wise Man
Wise Man 7 dagar sedan
015cn 7 dagar sedan
If I was able to be #1 in the world with weapon master with Dragon Sword and Dabliero I’ll do it again! (Until someone beat my record!) This brings a huge smile to my face
firestorm5432 7 dagar sedan
So excited, I missed these on the ps3
Day Day
Day Day 7 dagar sedan
Imma buy this because I want you to know I love this game and I REALLY WANT A 4
Cold Medicine
Cold Medicine 7 dagar sedan
Shinobi ps2?
MY-P-NIS INYOURMOUTH 7 dagar sedan
team ninja is testing the waters with this..if enough people buy this remastered collection it would be an incentive for the execs at team ninja to release a NG4....if people don't buy this collection much they might not make it but if many people like myself who grew up on awesome hack and slashes like DMC and modern post 2004 NG then this is a gamer's delight...I'm a gett he PC version or hold for the XSX or PS5 version
Νικος Μπαρουτας
Νικος Μπαρουτας 8 dagar sedan
Very hard game but very nice please tecmo bring ninja gaiden series back Tecmo?
ki last
ki last 8 dagar sedan
Ill pass. I like Ninja Gaiden and its sequel but ive played them already and can easily just play the originals again if I want. As for Razors Edge I wish I had never wasted money buying it sadly. I see Yaiba has been forgotten entirely I know it was not made just by team ninja like the others but its strange how a master collection misses it even if it was more a sidestep than a sequel then again from what I remember from its reception perhaps they want it to remain forgotten. Would have been nice to see the DS entry which I never got to play. Control scheme may have been harder to implement but shouldnt be impossible on ps4 controller. Id be down for a Ninja Gaiden 4 if they made it more like NG1 or even 2 be also nice to see either a new IP from Team Ninja again. Something that uses new characters or pre existing ones or a mix. NG1 and 2 and Nioh 1 and 2 were games I enjoyed a lot.
Bryan Daniel
Bryan Daniel 8 dagar sedan
"Ninja gaiden 4" "Action, Adventure and Open-world" New weapons dlc New superpowers All new characters ninjas 2 players and 4 co-op
Lukinho Gamer
Lukinho Gamer 8 dagar sedan
Don't do this with me, don't give me hope of a multiplayer open world NG ;-;
COOPER DOOM 8 dagar sedan
think like a ninja be a ninja
JustForCry 8 dagar sedan
the black dragon sword is mine!!!
Savagegent777 8 dagar sedan
These games will always be the best. So excited to play them again 👊
Kevin Silva
Kevin Silva 8 dagar sedan
If you think the original games were hard, those are just from the Tutorial Level! This is the next level right here!
Ja Wiadomo
Ja Wiadomo 8 dagar sedan
Ninja Gaiden Sigma was great game but the other parts sucked ! So better make Sigma's remake on PS5 than this stupid collection imho...
Lisa Corey
Lisa Corey 8 dagar sedan
Can’t wait for this game to lots of awesome memories playing this awesome game
Zen Razor
Zen Razor 8 dagar sedan
The original Dark Souls
deadlyfeet 8 dagar sedan
I already have this game? 🤔🤔
WILL BROWN 8 dagar sedan
Will the games have option for blood and gore? because sigma didn’t have that option.
Jaime Israel Leal Guajardo
Jaime Israel Leal Guajardo 8 dagar sedan
Si me estoy dando cuenta este trailer tiene mas visitas que lo que lleva publicando playstation es increible cuantas personas se intereso en este trailer y eso es bueno
Mike Dixon
Mike Dixon 8 dagar sedan
Rebalanced enemies in 2 maybe 🥲
DavidGoGlobal 9 dagar sedan
Ninja Gaiden introduced me to just how difficult and technical a game can be.
EaZy Motion
EaZy Motion 9 dagar sedan
Geiles Spiel hab Ninja Gaiden als Bild Animation
Juan Sebastián
Juan Sebastián 9 dagar sedan
Nioh and Souls fans should try Ninja Gaiden. This is the real business.
Ankur Bhaskar
Ankur Bhaskar 9 dagar sedan
Saw this announcement at the recent Nintendo Direct & didn’t know it was on other systems too. Neat!
Eric B.
Eric B. 9 dagar sedan
I got goosebumps just watching this!!!!
Excelsior _
Excelsior _ 9 dagar sedan
These games are simply amazing
Chau Hien
Chau Hien 9 dagar sedan
WOAAAAA Can't believe I could finally play it on current and next gen console after these year again!!! Best hack n slash trilogy games after DMC franchise
# WeHaveBOOST 9 dagar sedan
How possible to play in this game?
V1deo.Hunter.D 9 dagar sedan
Aww it's the sigma versions
lionel3185 9 dagar sedan
This might be the easiest day 1 buy of my life
Ryu -
Ryu - 9 dagar sedan
who? ?
who? ? 9 dagar sedan
Maybe I'll beat it this time instead of giving up out of frustration.
CLÁUDIO SILVA-SP 9 dagar sedan
Que notícia boa para os fãs de Ninja Gaiden, esses jogos são extremamente bons,já joguei todos e falo com a maior certeza do mundo, o Ninja Gaiden 2 o original do Xbox 360 é no melhor jogo de Ninja Gaiden já feito, parabéns para a SONY em trazer essas obras primas para o PlayStation 4.
Lukinho Gamer
Lukinho Gamer 8 dagar sedan
O pessoal nn gosta mto da série Sigma pq Ela tem censura, o sangue do NG2 virou uma purpurina q sai dos caras q morrem q os membros desaparecem, mas acho q nn é tão ruim assim
Sol Alexander
Sol Alexander 10 dagar sedan
Day 1 purchase. I've been wanting this for so long, don't care if its the Sigmas....even better for me
George Gonzalez
George Gonzalez 10 dagar sedan
Wouldnt buy this just simply cuz ninja gaiden 3 is in it, straight garbage and an insult to the franchise!
William Unsworth
William Unsworth 10 dagar sedan
I’m getting this, ninja garden awesome on PS3, hope it’s a remake not just had upgrade.
galaxynoatakara 9 dagar sedan
ninja garden🤣🤣👍🏻
Miki Vedichshev
Miki Vedichshev 10 dagar sedan
Ninja Ryũkenden III is the best game
Jesmer Reyes
Jesmer Reyes 10 dagar sedan
El primero y el segundo una obra maestra
Jesmer Reyes
Jesmer Reyes 10 dagar sedan
He esperado esto por años
LEO BETA 10 dagar sedan
We need this on PC
Dwight Norris
Dwight Norris 10 dagar sedan
Give me give me give me give me give me give me give me give me give me give me
Jektor Wolf
Jektor Wolf 10 dagar sedan
Ninja Gaiden 2 is much better than Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 in terms of graphics and gameplay.
Chelado Napolitano
Chelado Napolitano 10 dagar sedan
cергей Bsn
cергей Bsn 10 dagar sedan
графон из 90х
NexLegendx 5190
NexLegendx 5190 10 dagar sedan
Before Ghost Of Tsushima there was this🔥
ghayth alkufii
ghayth alkufii 10 dagar sedan
متحمس كولش للعبة
Bivv93 10 dagar sedan
Surely gonna buy this one in Hard Copy. Could not play Ninja Gaiden 2 and for that i am gonna buy this collection.I hope all dlc content in included in it. Will it be on PS5 with any additional benefit?
Lukinho Gamer
Lukinho Gamer 8 dagar sedan
I don't think, at least not that we know, all we know were on the nintendo livestream and in this trailer, maybe the only way to play this on PS% is gonna be throught the PS4 game itself
Benjamin Marino
Benjamin Marino 10 dagar sedan
It would have been cool to see a top down remake.
John Doe
John Doe 10 dagar sedan
I mastered this game
ThE_SlayErKaTaNa 10 dagar sedan
Huh no tag team missions that’s really disappointing. I got excited when I saw the video announcement but now . I lost my interest in the game 💔.
Dewi Smith
Dewi Smith 5 dagar sedan
Yeah! No online team missions for NGS2 and NG3RE is a huge let down coming from Team Ninja. Oh well, I still have all 3 games in my PS3 collection.
Mr.Face2 kick
Mr.Face2 kick 10 dagar sedan
I wonder if they'll put all the blood and gore from Sigma 2 plus in this collection.
shadowfallenable 10 dagar sedan
Ninja Gaiden2 was hard asf!!
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