NBA 2K21 - MyTEAM Season 5 Launch | PS4, PS5

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Welcome to MyTEAM's Age of Heroes 💥
In Season 5: Age of Heroes, assemble superstars from the Modern Age and Golden Age of the NBA 💪 Play with all-new superhero themed cards, earn Championship Rings, and compete in the most EPIC season yet

Rastek 12 dagar sedan
Wait this game has a season pass? And people buy it?
Scooby Douche
Scooby Douche 12 dagar sedan
Can you please restock the PS5 IN stores and tackle eBay along with StockX? Scalping is illegal and you'd be morally right in doing so!
POP SMOKE AND GHOST!!! 13 dagar sedan
I'm not listening to anything until I see a COLLEGE-ISH DYNASTY DLC!!!!!!
GrimmReality 13 dagar sedan
Promoting gambling in a kids game, yeah great idea
IAMBTJGAMING 13 dagar sedan
I Wouldn't Like Me Either
I Wouldn't Like Me Either 13 dagar sedan
Stop showing gambling Sony
J A 13 dagar sedan
You are a certified clown if you spend money on this game mode.
Wing ZX1103
Wing ZX1103 13 dagar sedan
Ha ha ha ha No
Jeff Dogg
Jeff Dogg 13 dagar sedan
NBA2K21 myteam should rank every player 100 with 100 3pt shot and have flames shoot out the ball. May as well since there's no strategy to it. What an insult to basketball.
January Mills
January Mills 13 dagar sedan
Biggest ps5 bundle ever on ebay! Ebay item number 233900986965
Dino Maleš
Dino Maleš 13 dagar sedan
when we can buy ps5, in 2022 maybe ?
Chillionaire 13 dagar sedan
Loot boxes
smoke 13 dagar sedan
Free Music
Free Music 13 dagar sedan
Why do I feel like these players are already In the game.. and can someone PLEASE!! explain to me what so different about these packs 2k keep recycling?
TallulahSoie 13 dagar sedan
Gambling for kids and promotion of a terrorist organization. Uh, no.
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 13 dagar sedan
The micro transactions are as bad as the Timberwolves this season 💀 🐺
Stormwolf4 13 dagar sedan
Paying money for in game characters: the game
LINKEVICK 13 dagar sedan
borderlands ?!
Jose Martinez
Jose Martinez 13 dagar sedan
Cash grab
Rudy Cornejo
Rudy Cornejo 13 dagar sedan
This looks better than the recent avengers game .
Paiwand Bahaden
Paiwand Bahaden 13 dagar sedan
😭😭😭😭😭dreamworks battle royal😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
asher 13 dagar sedan
epic fail
16 times the detail
16 times the detail 13 dagar sedan
where is my casino?
Nero Wolfe
Nero Wolfe 13 dagar sedan
NBA2K21: A Bastketball-themed (unlicensed and unregulated and untaxed) Online Casino aimed at Children and vulnerable populations.
Alan Baker
Alan Baker 13 dagar sedan
2K and take two are the super greed around in video games industries.
Wright Boi
Wright Boi 13 dagar sedan
Same game every year different titles. 👍
Yozora 13 dagar sedan
Oh hey look . . . More trash 🗑
SHALOM 13 dagar sedan
Season 5: Age of PayPigs Who buys these crappy gotcha packs???
Error 404
Error 404 13 dagar sedan
I don't understand what your company is doing almost any update for the ps4 broke the console. Ark survival blue screens instantly 24x ! & the game hasn't started yet. Gensin impact frame drops the ps4 can't handle the game it blue screen 15x times destiny 2 & division 2 both games crash & give blue screens & a lot of errors on a new PlayStation 4 with a new ssd you all need to understand that nasa is using computers non of these crash ! Or made a mistake for no reason we pay 400 euro for a ps4 + a 80 euro game that shows players a blue screen this is really disappointed not only that people also pay for their own Internet 70 euro each month just to see a game blue screen ! The ps3 hasn't been crashing at al ! Since ps4 & ps5 came out both console have many mistakes looks like kids decode the program this company is a big joke I really hope that one day someone makes a console without crashing & blue screen , just wanna play a game flawless without crash or lag or any type of nonsense we pay to play & to enjoy so far I ain't enjoying at all.
Young Tundra
Young Tundra 13 dagar sedan
If your seeing this than I salute you for disliking this video.
Young Tundra
Young Tundra 13 dagar sedan
@Big Nutty my bad misspelled
Big Nutty
Big Nutty 13 dagar sedan
Solute? Like chemistry?
Anubis G
Anubis G 13 dagar sedan
Why is there basketball in this casino game?
wild cat 28
wild cat 28 13 dagar sedan
@Salami Boyz shut up
Salami Boyz
Salami Boyz 13 dagar sedan
Hope the people that see this have a great day or night, depending on where you are in the world and please stay safe out there. Btw Small SVfromr looking for ur support✨ I Hope To Inspire People &
Jett Ankermann
Jett Ankermann 13 dagar sedan
Don't mind me, just dropping by to leave my dislike. See ya later guys!
Eugen Waitforit
Eugen Waitforit 13 dagar sedan
Ah, Legal Gambling for Children
Dante Vic
Dante Vic 13 dagar sedan
@Free Music I know
Free Music
Free Music 13 dagar sedan
@Dante Vic yea but if you ever bothered to read the terms...once they refund you your money you can no longer play the game on that matter how long you been playing lose the right to play the game 🤦🏿‍♂️.
Dante Vic
Dante Vic 13 dagar sedan
@Eugen Waitforit your point, it's still small compared to the adults that spend thousands on mtx. Plus in many cases the companies refunds the parents when these things happens, so they make no money on those purchases.
Eugen Waitforit
Eugen Waitforit 13 dagar sedan
@Dante Vic so? There are plenty of news articles about how children emptied their parents bank accounts on mtx
Dante Vic
Dante Vic 13 dagar sedan
You do know it's mostly adults that buy MTX right.
Tonye 13 dagar sedan
The best sport games ever made!!!!
Mecha Robots
Mecha Robots 13 dagar sedan
5 stages of microtransactions it should be called
Noise Tank
Noise Tank 13 dagar sedan
Probably put more time into the comic book ascetic then the game itself
Younes Ten
Younes Ten 13 dagar sedan
We love Canada and USA NBA 😍👍👍
HAWKEYE studios
HAWKEYE studios 13 dagar sedan
When I was a little boy, I loved to play video games. But I never understood why anyone would play the nba games, just go outside and play basketball out there, I also hate how people make the excuse “but it’s raining outside so I can’t”. SURE YOU CAN, just play in the rain, unless your ScArEd oF tHE rAaiN.........
HAWKEYE studios
HAWKEYE studios 11 timmar sedan
Be smart, clear up the snow with a shovel on the court, geez
Fred P
Fred P 11 timmar sedan
@HAWKEYE studios in two feet of snow. And every gym are closed because of covid. I play all the time in the summer but this winter i can’t
HAWKEYE studios
HAWKEYE studios 10 dagar sedan
I have nothing against it, I LOVE VIDEO GAMES,I play them all the time, I’m just saying that basketball games are a bit wired cause there actually REAL in real life.
HAWKEYE studios
HAWKEYE studios 10 dagar sedan
Nintendo Fan
Nintendo Fan 10 dagar sedan
They play the nba games because it's entertaining for them. Having Jordan vs Kobe's teams or any teams they want, building up their own dream team using their money (sometimes not) or having competition against another player/friend that comes to play. Because if you play Nba you must know how to play basketball right? Next time my nephew comes to play Nba, I'll tell him go play real basketball instead because it's the same thing according to you.
Tom Layon
Tom Layon 13 dagar sedan
Just came to dislike. 😁👊
J Buenaventura
J Buenaventura 12 dagar sedan
Thank you for your contribution
Salami Boyz
Salami Boyz 13 dagar sedan
Hope the people that see this have a great day or night, depending on where you are in the world and please stay safe out there. Btw Small SVfromr looking for ur support✨ I Hope To Inspire People
HD Cap Alot
HD Cap Alot 13 dagar sedan
This is hella cringe
The Baconator
The Baconator 13 dagar sedan
Why did I think this was a my hero acedamia dlc 😂
Yussif Alanezi
Yussif Alanezi 13 dagar sedan
Should I buy this game?
The Lando Show
The Lando Show 11 dagar sedan
If ya like gambling and throwing your money in a plink co machine then go ahead
Big Nutty
Big Nutty 13 dagar sedan
If you like basketball then sure
Random Hajile
Random Hajile 13 dagar sedan
Trav J
Trav J 13 dagar sedan
HD Cap Alot
HD Cap Alot 13 dagar sedan
يمنية يمنية
يمنية يمنية 13 dagar sedan
السلام عليكم اني اترجاك واتوسل اليك يا اخي ان تقرا رسالتي هذا كامله ولا تتركها. بدون ما تقراها. . اخي اول كلامي اقسم بلله علا كتاب الله اني لا اكذب عليك ولا انصب ولا احتال اني بنت يمنيه نازحين من تعز اني واسرتي وعلينا اجار بيت الشهر ب13الف يمني ولان علينا 39الف حق 3اشهر وصاحب البيت من الناس الي ما ترحم والله يا اخي انه يجي كل يوم يبهدلنا ويتكلم علينا ويريد يخرجنا من البيت للشارع لاننا ما قدرنا ندفع له الاجار وما يروح الا بعدما نبكي ورجعوا تكلموا عليه الجيران ومهلنا لاخر هذا الاسبوع واذا ما دفعنا له حلف يمين بلله انه بيخرجنا الى الشارع بدون رحمه واحنا اسره ايتام فقراء مشردين من بيوتنا بسبب هذا الحرب ولا نجد قوت يومنا وعايشين اني وامي واخوتي سغار والدنا متوفي الله يرحمه وما معنا احد في هذا الدنيا يقف بجانبنا في هذا الضروف القاسيه وما معي اخوان كبار اني الكبيره في اخوتي ولاكن اني بنت لا اتسطيع مثلك ان اروح اشتغل بين الرجال واصرف علا اسرتي والله ثم والله يا اخي اننا قد لنا يومين محرومين من لقمت العيش ومعي اخوان صغار انظر كيف حالتهم اقسم بلله يا اخي انهم خرجوا من البيت للشارع وشافوا الجيران ياكلوا راحوا وقفوا عند بابهم لجل يعطوهم ولو خبزه يابسه يسدوبها جوعهم والله الذي له ملك السموات والارض انهم غلقوا الباب وطردوهم ورجعوا يبكوا ايموتوا من الجوع ما احد رحمهم وعطاهم لقمت عيش ولان لوما احد ساعدنا بحق كيلوا دقيق اقسم بلله اننا انموت من الجوع فيا اخي اني دخيله علا الله ثم عليك واريد منك المساعده لوجه الله واسالك بلله يا اخي لو انت مسلم وتحب الخير واتساعدني ولو ب500ريال يمني ان تطلب اسم بطاقتي وترسلي ولا. تتاخر وايعوضك الله بكل خير فيا اخي انت رجال اذا شفت اسرتك جاوعين تعمل المستحيل من اجل تامن لهم الاكل ولاكن اني بنت عيني بصيره ويدي قصيره ليس لي اب مثلك واخواني سغار شوف كيف حالتهم وساعدنا وانقذنا قبل ان يطردونا في الشارع نتبهدل او نموت من الجوع هذا رقمي واتساب 00967715650030الذي يريد مساعدتنا لوجه الله. يراسلني واتساب اني اقسم بلله الذي رفع سبع سموات بلا عمد وبسط الارض ومهد اني لا اكذب عليك بحرف من هذا الرساله واني ما طلبتك الا من ضيق ومن قسوت الضروف والحال الذي احنا فيه اني واسرتي نسالك بلله يا اخي انك توقف معنا تذكروا قول الله سبحانه وتعالى( وفي اموالهم حق معلوم للسائل والمحروم صدق الله العظيم،)، ساعد نا الله يحفضكم ويستر عليكم
GozieZilla 13 dagar sedan
Ps5 with the exclusives already
GozieZilla 12 dagar sedan
@Dylan English I have a ps5... What makes you think I was mad? Because my comment lacked emojis?
okTrexi 13 dagar sedan
it’s only a sharpshooter pack, nothing special
Seb 13 dagar sedan
What exclusive
Dylan English
Dylan English 13 dagar sedan
You mad kid
Marcus Cheong
Marcus Cheong 13 dagar sedan
Give us a new PlayStation Handheld, Sony! One without any pricy proprietary memory cards and support the handheld with great exclusive games as well as market it better. It will sell well if all these conditions are met.
Marcus Cheong
Marcus Cheong 12 dagar sedan
@ALL 4 One Gaming I don't think they should have smartphone features at all. The Vita had some of those but because of that, the price of the Vita was bloated and became expensive. Instead of wasting the space inside the handheld with smartphone features like camera and touchscreen, they should put in a more powerful Gpu and Cpu inside it to improve the gameplay experience as well as ensure that it remains at the top of the line in terms of hardware power for a handheld. They need to beat smartphones at the gaming experience instead of becoming another smartphone
ALL 4 One Gaming
ALL 4 One Gaming 13 dagar sedan
Was just talking to my brother about this the other day as I watched him play his Vita.i think if they make another it should be able to do everything a smart phone can. This is where the vita went wrong imo... And would be nice if you could play all your ps5 games on the go or something like that
GAMES!GAMES!GAMES! 13 dagar sedan
People still play trash known as sports games?
Xavier Alanis
Xavier Alanis 13 dagar sedan
I buy them at a discounted price $20 bucks not bad.
Salami Boyz
Salami Boyz 13 dagar sedan
Hope the people that see this have a great day or night, depending on where you are in the world and please stay safe out there. Btw Small SVfromr looking for ur support✨ I Hope To Inspire People &S
KERMIT 13 dagar sedan
Exactly. That 70$ can go to way better games.
Fez 13 dagar sedan
Same thing every year.
Anuraag Srinivasan
Anuraag Srinivasan 13 dagar sedan
so freakin early minute
JSTR 13 dagar sedan
Bideo game
Bad Shadow
Bad Shadow 13 dagar sedan
Brandon Ingram
Brandon Ingram 13 dagar sedan
Quick reminder to not say anything unless you have played the game 😊
Brandon Ingram
Brandon Ingram 13 dagar sedan
@Ja You clearly don’t know anything about the game. One of the best point guards is 5k MT which is pretty much an hour of playing the game
Ja 13 dagar sedan
@Brandon Ingram This game is the definition of pay-to-win bro stop playin
Brandon Ingram
Brandon Ingram 13 dagar sedan
@HD Cap Alot Mu money isn’t wasted I’ve only spent the money for the base game
HD Cap Alot
HD Cap Alot 13 dagar sedan
Quick reminder you waste your money on the same game each year👍
Brandon Ingram
Brandon Ingram 13 dagar sedan
@Jesiah Bailey well it makes it a better game to play, Yes it isn’t a perfect game but it is still fun to play. You don’t have to spend money either
Pj 13 dagar sedan
Lit my guy
Claire Dickens
Claire Dickens 13 dagar sedan
Hey guys
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