Heavy Metal Machines - Gameplay Trailer | PS5, PS4

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Heavy Metal Machines will be coming to PS4™ on February 23, compatible with PS5™!

Caio Guimarães
Caio Guimarães 2 dagar sedan
Congratulations to the small brazilian studio that developed this game, for bringing It to the consoles. May It serve as an example for The Brazilian games market, so that It grows, more and more. 🤘
Mysterion Wanted
Mysterion Wanted 6 dagar sedan
Sony, where the fkng twisted metal ?????
FellianTheDragon 7 dagar sedan
I lost interest as soon as I saw it was a top down game
Ahmad Haruman
Ahmad Haruman 7 dagar sedan
1:08 That voice at the end sound's like Megatron from the 80's TV series of Transformer's. Anyone else think so?
Tyler Jackson
Tyler Jackson 7 dagar sedan
Son I thought this was going to be like Twisted Metal nvm on this
Peixoto 8 dagar sedan
Esqueceu de falar q foi feito por brs
Tiago Maciel
Tiago Maciel 8 dagar sedan
Imitação de Rock 'n Roll Racing
Dorfan 4 dagar sedan
Imitação não, inspiração, saiba diferenciar
Serie Tv
Serie Tv 8 dagar sedan
How Many GB ps4 ??? I can play with my friend on ps5
CDNStig 8 dagar sedan
Super Sprint x Rocket League x Twisted Metal
Hachee 8 dagar sedan
Am I the only one who can't find it in the ps store?
athanos js95
athanos js95 8 dagar sedan
I miss sweet tooth, and calypso..
Hobey Dator16 17
Hobey Dator16 17 8 dagar sedan
Charles Kingangi
Charles Kingangi 8 dagar sedan
Here I am on Feb 24th still can't find the game on the store
graduator14 8 dagar sedan
So this is what Calypso's doing with his spare time!
Ryu- -K-
Ryu- -K- 9 dagar sedan
すげぇ、幼少期スーファミでプレイしてたロックンロールレーシングを正統進化させたようなゲームじゃん。 懐かしいなぁ
AriesWarlock 9 dagar sedan
🤘 metal 🤘
make my day 34
make my day 34 9 dagar sedan
Not bad
Marcos Vinicius ‘-‘
Marcos Vinicius ‘-‘ 9 dagar sedan
O melhor é que esse jogo foi feito POR BRASILEIROS
alaskan thunderd
alaskan thunderd 9 dagar sedan
I seen this on the PlayStation Store I started to download it while waiting for it to download I came to SVfrom look at gameplay and boy I'm glad. BIG NOPE FOR ME
Hussain Raja
Hussain Raja 9 dagar sedan
Calling all cars!!
Scooby Douche
Scooby Douche 9 dagar sedan
Can you please restock the PS5 IN stores and tackle eBay along with StockX? Scalping is illegal and you'd be morally right in doing so!
um carinha na net
um carinha na net 9 dagar sedan
Last lap.....
Jonqui Lonits
Jonqui Lonits 9 dagar sedan
Lol+rocket league+brazilian = nisso dai
Pāvels Bužinskis
Pāvels Bužinskis 9 dagar sedan
Used to love this game. Sadly, couldn't queue against real people
Ricky L
Ricky L 9 dagar sedan
Yo solo quiero un word of warcraf
Christopher Badillo
Christopher Badillo 9 dagar sedan
At this point, they are teasing us for a Twisted Metal comeback
Luiz Henrique Dutra Leal
Luiz Henrique Dutra Leal 9 dagar sedan
😎 👍
Luiz Henrique Dutra Leal
Luiz Henrique Dutra Leal 9 dagar sedan
04Kimboslice 9 dagar sedan
VIGILANTE 8 was way better than TWISTED METAL
ゆい714 9 dagar sedan
Looks amazing! Hoping for pew pew deathmatch mode. I think it would be more fun than objectives. A lot of potential here! League of Legends with cars? A bit maybe? All I know is that I love Twisted Metal, Rocket League, Super Offroad, and metal music.
Dariya_YT_pro маинкрафт
Dariya_YT_pro маинкрафт 9 dagar sedan
I miss Vigilante 8
Hall.p 9 dagar sedan
*couldn’t they just create an external cd drive with a built in emulator for ps1,2 & 3? Would that be so impossible?*
Senoaji Puspo M
Senoaji Puspo M 9 dagar sedan
Is this Dota but racing??
Dorfan 9 dagar sedan
Not racing and not dota
Claudio O.
Claudio O. 9 dagar sedan
And with a battle pass.... No no no no ill pass
Roman28K 9 dagar sedan
metalslayer777 9 dagar sedan
The only thing from rock n roll racing is just Larry Huffman
Christopher Dohaniuk
Christopher Dohaniuk 9 dagar sedan
Cool but what about twisted metal? I could use a calypso collection (1-black) all remade with high quality graphics/ textures and fully destructible environments. Then have all the cutscenes redone in 4K realistic looks. Then also add in online multiplayer and dlc challenge events and campaign lines for each character that lead through the series. I would pay a heavy dollar for something like that. ❤️
Dani Rizki
Dani Rizki 9 dagar sedan
Yea maybe on mobile
Ferdz Almarines
Ferdz Almarines 9 dagar sedan
this reminds me of Biker Mice gameplay
IM LVL 99 9 dagar sedan
Discount Twisted metal+Rocket League...= Twisted League....?
John Hamon
John Hamon 9 dagar sedan
Twisted metal meets Micromachines with the soundtrack from Rock n Roll racin with the mechanic from Rocket League
omegammx2 9 dagar sedan
Man I just want Twisted Metal!
Skibbles Mctibs
Skibbles Mctibs 9 dagar sedan
Awesome game but it looks like a moba more than twisted metal or rocket league mixed, hope it ends out well either way!
Marcos Herrera
Marcos Herrera 9 dagar sedan
Dorfan 9 dagar sedan
ALL 4 One Gaming
ALL 4 One Gaming 9 dagar sedan
A new twisted metal or warhawk please Sony!!!
luigi 9 dagar sedan
They literally used the twisted metal name and it isn't even clickbait😂
yodha andhika
yodha andhika 9 dagar sedan
I can sense that bunch of idiot kids would form a line to prevent their opponent to score
Arise clothing
Arise clothing 9 dagar sedan
micro machines? with a weapon 😂
RhennielGL 10 dagar sedan
Ohh nice okay
Henrique Rocha
Henrique Rocha 10 dagar sedan
ilove this gameee BR BR
Darth Eastman
Darth Eastman 10 dagar sedan
Sighs battle pass, characters, and skins why can’t we just have a game without micro transactions thrown in everywhere?
Dorfan 9 dagar sedan
There is no microtransations, only cash and metalpass premium, but is 100% cosmetic and does not affect the gameplay
Bob Blob
Bob Blob 9 dagar sedan
Battlepass is free for anyone to claim until march 8th
Brothers virtual games
Brothers virtual games 10 dagar sedan
Is this for Snes rock n roll racing 2?because Graphics looks like...
Rin Hatsuyuki
Rin Hatsuyuki 10 dagar sedan
Dude... Heay metal Machines, Destruction all stars, can't drive this. So many car games are in the zone right now..
rando 10 dagar sedan
bad camera angle
M. G.
M. G. 10 dagar sedan
Welcome to Twisted, I mean, Heavy Metal Machines.
Christopher Boye
Christopher Boye 10 dagar sedan
So a Twisted Metal version of Mini Car Racing?
Rambo 10 dagar sedan
This actually looks fun
Michael Schneider
Michael Schneider 10 dagar sedan
Definitely buying
Dorfan 9 dagar sedan
Its free
Eclectic Jon 101
Eclectic Jon 101 10 dagar sedan
If the game was the cinematic clips that keep popping up it would be a whole lot better.
THE DIFFERENT NERD 10 dagar sedan
This is what I remember in video games just straight craziness!!! I’m going to give this a try.
Ricardo Bravado
Ricardo Bravado 10 dagar sedan
Who misses death drome!?
abo waled
abo waled 10 dagar sedan
Boring game tho after one hour
abo waled
abo waled 9 dagar sedan
@Dorfan yah i did we do test the games before it been out for players
Dorfan 9 dagar sedan
Did you played already? Definately not
Mechasonic9000 10 dagar sedan
played this on PC when it came out. I used the bulldozer and i was able to break away from the crowd so often and score it hurt
José Barreto
José Barreto 10 dagar sedan
Twisted Metal + heavy metal +Rocket League+league of legends = This game
DeathInTheSnow 10 dagar sedan
I'm still waiting on the updated rerelease of Earache Extreme Metal Racing. It wasn't great, but I'd play it again.
Andy Wounds
Andy Wounds 10 dagar sedan
Diablo Racers
Garog 10 dagar sedan
Absolutely inspired by a little gem called Rock n Roll Racing.
Dane Smith
Dane Smith 10 dagar sedan
Remember Death Rally anyone?
Mbj M11
Mbj M11 10 dagar sedan
The style looks kinda familiar to Twisted metal but the gameplay implementation is absolutely not acceptable because it looks like another straight up mobile game no disrespect to the studio though
Wardo 10 dagar sedan
Is this a MOBA racing game?
Dorfan 9 dagar sedan
Bomb deliver game
IshPal the Retro Gamer
IshPal the Retro Gamer 10 dagar sedan
“Let the carnage begin!” Yes! It’s a rock n roll racing reference!
Andrey DKS
Andrey DKS 9 dagar sedan
It is THE SAME annoucer from RnR Racing, they brought him back
Rican Bee
Rican Bee 10 dagar sedan
Sold me 🙇🏽‍♂️
Mr. Fahrenheit
Mr. Fahrenheit 10 dagar sedan
Everyone talking about twisted metal but no love for vigilante 8. Such a better game
Yassine 10 dagar sedan
krisqz 10 dagar sedan
More like Heavy Small Machines.
G189 10 dagar sedan
Classified Conley
Classified Conley 10 dagar sedan
Man no we need a new twisted metal Kill zone trilogy and a resistance trilogy
MrDiscomafia 10 dagar sedan
I hope its free
MrDiscomafia 9 dagar sedan
@Guilherme Vasconcelos cool
Guilherme Vasconcelos
Guilherme Vasconcelos 10 dagar sedan
It's free, don't worry ^^
K R 10 dagar sedan
MOBA: The Driving
Ant Boogie
Ant Boogie 10 dagar sedan
The guy sounds like Calypso from Twisted Metal
K.J. Messick
K.J. Messick 10 dagar sedan
Playstation is doing everything they can to put out games that are like Twisted Metal that aren't Twisted Metal.
ash Jojo
ash Jojo 10 dagar sedan
Bruno Bernardes
Bruno Bernardes 10 dagar sedan
Played on PC, looking forward to play on PS5
ash Jojo
ash Jojo 10 dagar sedan
DeathRabbit 10 dagar sedan
Twisted Metal and Rocket League? Interesting...
Sachin Rego
Sachin Rego 10 dagar sedan
I guess this one is March Ps5 game :3
EnderSpider 10 dagar sedan
It’s a moba rock n roll rocket league top down shooter....? I’m confused xD it looks fun tho
Ahmed Lateef
Ahmed Lateef 10 dagar sedan
Thats not a ps4 or ps5 game !!! This is like mobile games
Sparta 10 dagar sedan
When i watch this i see my 8 year old nephew throwing the controller at the tv. Lol
chchedda 10 dagar sedan
Got a calling all cars vibe. Great game that
Boris 10 dagar sedan
Хрень какая то
Jérémie Célérine
Jérémie Célérine 10 dagar sedan
Blaze Rush 2021 !!!
꽁냥똠냥 10 dagar sedan
ps5? poor don't release ps5
Lady Dimitrescu
Lady Dimitrescu 10 dagar sedan
Because it's a Brazilian game. Developers here don't have money to make AAA games so they need to make low budget games like this, Blazing Chrome and others. I'm sorry for being third world.
Orphen Kirylancello
Orphen Kirylancello 10 dagar sedan
Its a twisted metal but with isometric view only..
Dorfan 9 dagar sedan
Bro, play the game, is extremely different from twisted metal
Mr A
Mr A 10 dagar sedan
Give us twisted metal already 😡
Alex M
Alex M 10 dagar sedan
TM2 remaster followed by a new PS5 twisted metal please!
mxpxboy77 10 dagar sedan
I haven't seen anyone mention the old NES classic "RC Pro-Am".
AiFudSeusDonuts 10 dagar sedan
looks like a racing game + LoL to mobile
Grave 10 dagar sedan
Android games
Si S
Si S 10 dagar sedan
This is what Ps5 was made for
Lady Dimitrescu
Lady Dimitrescu 10 dagar sedan
Because it's a Brazilian game. Developers here don't have money to make AAA games so they need to make low budget games like this, Blazing Chrome and others. I'm sorry for being third world.
GRANDES FINAIS do Metal League! 🤘💣
Heavy Metal Machines
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