Guilty Gear -Strive - I-no Character Reveal Trailer | PS5 , PS4

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Trailer revealing I-no, the final character for the launch roster of Guilty Gear -Strive-, the latest entry in the influential Guilty Gear franchise. Featuring cutting-edge graphics and innovative rollback netcode, Guilty Gear -Strive- is available to pre-order now and will release on PS4 and PS5 April 9th, 2021.

toogud4dis 58 minuter sedan
Tf happen to her skirt?!!
PowerBeard 5 timmar sedan
Making her wear a bra? That's just plain sexist.
KhabiXD 07
KhabiXD 07 Dag sedan
Why am I cringing? I shouldn’t be, right?
no2475 Dag sedan
Never played a Guilty Gear game before and I'm not that into fighting games, but I'm seriously considering getting this one. It honestly looks dope.
Blakobness 2 dagar sedan
So did they just give her traditional GG airdash then? Because all the other airdash I see from other characters are much more slower and telegraphed with that big magic circle; or is this just a new airborn mobility move for her, along with that small jump she's canceling from her air normals? Or is that just how jump canceling air normals looks now?
Muhammad Ilham Bintang
Muhammad Ilham Bintang 6 dagar sedan
Zerokin 2000
Zerokin 2000 6 dagar sedan
That Moment when Lady Dimitrescu and I-No now shares same Japanese VA. Y'know What i mean Resident evil 8 Fans.
ZenIceHero 6 dagar sedan
I-No alongside Ramlethal Valentine are my favorite female fighters in Guilty Gear
private risto
private risto 6 dagar sedan
If only Marvel Vs Capcom thought about this graphichs and/or gameplay style.
K A I 2 dagar sedan
No stop
Yu Tubaru
Yu Tubaru 6 dagar sedan
Great video I love Ino. See you guys in 5 to 7 years when the full version is released.
Ray Boles
Ray Boles 7 dagar sedan
Brendan Doyle
Brendan Doyle 7 dagar sedan
This game looks amazing.
Josie Loves
Josie Loves 7 dagar sedan
just waiting for A.B.A. and Zappa to come back and be announced for DLC, I'll wait...
K A I 2 dagar sedan
I want A.B.A and Baiken 🙏🙏
Lazer D
Lazer D 7 dagar sedan
Why is nobody mentioning how much of a slapper this song is. Strive can’t come out fast enough I need this ost in my life
GriFFonRec4 7 dagar sedan
I start every day with a bowl of cereal, a bagel, and I-No's character trailer.
ECO BRAVO 8 dagar sedan
Get the joke dude witches dont need a bra because witches dont worry abaout gavity
Squibbtastic 8 dagar sedan
The start of the song leading into everything really pumped me up. Such a banger ost
Noblesse Oblige
Noblesse Oblige 8 dagar sedan
Hope we get Sin (and Elphelt) in the DLCs soon. The initial roster isn't my cup of tea, but I'm glad Ram made it in.
Juan Gumulong
Juan Gumulong 8 dagar sedan
this is the character that I can't beat on ps2 when I was a kid
C.D.E Productions
C.D.E Productions 8 dagar sedan
2nd main confirmed
HumbledOba 8 dagar sedan
Completely lost, but this game looks sick, any tips for getting into the series?/games? (SF and Tekken player)
HumbledOba 3 timmar sedan
@Hunter Wallasus gameplay. Combos pressure, oki(if that exists in the game) meatys, not sure if these things are universal between fighting games.
Hunter Wallasus
Hunter Wallasus 4 timmar sedan
If you are on PC, I recommend getting guilty gear accent core +R. What is it that you are lost about? Gameplay or Lore?
Lilat Hellraiser
Lilat Hellraiser 8 dagar sedan
Es un rediseno interesante, no se ve mal pero se ve muy distinto, se ve mas Witch menos Rockstar, ambos disenos el de Revelator y el de Strive son los mejores
Miguel A R Cachero
Miguel A R Cachero 8 dagar sedan
Hooray! Belldandy has return!
Hacker :b
Hacker :b 8 dagar sedan
*Sony:* be like all censore Guilty Gear -Strive :v
K A I 2 dagar sedan
Mokey Mokey Guy
Mokey Mokey Guy 8 dagar sedan
The glasses ruin the character for me.
donkeydarko77 2 dagar sedan
lol, what a tool.
K A I 7 dagar sedan
She always had glasses
Urethral Distortion
Urethral Distortion 9 dagar sedan
Chang Siah Lim
Chang Siah Lim 9 dagar sedan
She feels like Marceline from Adventure Time
Sleepyplant 9 dagar sedan
Does anyone know any music that's as funky as her theme is (esp toward the beginning) I need this kinda funk in my life
KaijuBlack 9 dagar sedan
Whose the guy on the far left ?
King Crazy
King Crazy 9 dagar sedan
Anji Mito. He was in some older games, being introduced in guilty gear x.
Saasquash 9 dagar sedan
0:30 some people didn't know how eyes work
EX_RuSSheLLz 9 dagar sedan
If there’s a tournament for this game I bet sonic fox knows who to main and that’s ino
玉藻稲荷 9 dagar sedan
Chinese Checkers
Chinese Checkers 9 dagar sedan
People ask for baiken but dont ever play her 😂
Art Val
Art Val 9 dagar sedan
They're gonna charge extra for half the roster probably. Dlc bs incoming.
K A I 7 dagar sedan
@Art Val If you say so
Art Val
Art Val 9 dagar sedan
@K A I still better than dumb fanboi
K A I 9 dagar sedan
Broke boy
Mauricio Reiuji [KmBarahona1995]
Mauricio Reiuji [KmBarahona1995] 9 dagar sedan
Bridget return when?
EJ Nova
EJ Nova 9 dagar sedan
Looks like she got thiccer too
K A I 9 dagar sedan
everyone did
Frost B
Frost B 9 dagar sedan
Yes! Waifu is back!
P C 9 dagar sedan
I-no's voice actress also voiced Kasumi Tendo in Ranma 1/2 and Belldandy in Oh My Goddess! anime.
SonataArcFAN 9 dagar sedan
Mmm only 15 chars? Hopefuly DLC will be at least another 15 chars
Finalhour10 8 dagar sedan
We already got 5 confirmed for season one so I’m thinking they’ll do a couple seasons after that
Tom Yasumi
Tom Yasumi 9 dagar sedan
Looks like her outfit was "Sony Checked".
42 NYC
42 NYC 10 dagar sedan
The only game in the fighting genre that did not lose its essence.
K A I 9 dagar sedan
True some people will say it did but imo as long as the characters are fun and interesting it's still GG
Dj Sound
Dj Sound 10 dagar sedan
Una diva en toda regla
kenny tayese
kenny tayese 10 dagar sedan
🖕🏾 I- No in the thumbnail
Lord Blue Balls EX
Lord Blue Balls EX 10 dagar sedan
Guitar boobie lady is cool
Anubis HD
Anubis HD 10 dagar sedan
Guess we gotta wait for sin
cookx84 10 dagar sedan
Soooo the other characters are unlockable or........
schmoop 10 dagar sedan
happy that she’s in the final roster, but I need A.B.A
K A I 9 dagar sedan
Y0O0Oinkers 10 dagar sedan
the music
Ledy 10 dagar sedan
It's me or or she is mor thick?
madaratobi23 10 dagar sedan
One of my favorite 😍
Oussama Gharbi
Oussama Gharbi 10 dagar sedan
Kritphet Singphanit
Kritphet Singphanit 10 dagar sedan
Ara Ara
gold 10 dagar sedan
Paul 10 dagar sedan
15 characters is pathetic for a launch roster. Especially when these characters are dumbed down from their XRD counterparts.
Paul 9 dagar sedan
@K A I I pity you.
K A I 9 dagar sedan
@Paul stinky
Paul 9 dagar sedan
@K A I Original.
K A I 9 dagar sedan
@Paul Okay but don't buy the game
Pass_the_M 10 dagar sedan
So don't buy the game lol
RZÁMUNE13 RV ARZÉN 10 dagar sedan
Faltan Slayer,Venom,Testament y Zappa y de ABA y Justice creeo que nunca los volveremos a veer...🤦🏽‍♂️
Crøst Dærgön
Crøst Dærgön 10 dagar sedan
Hopefully Bridget and Jam will make it into the game.
Scooby Douche
Scooby Douche 10 dagar sedan
Can you please restock the PS5 IN stores and tackle eBay along with StockX? Scalping is illegal and you'd be morally right in doing so!
Gregory Y.
Gregory Y. 10 dagar sedan
Carmen San Diego hat.
Precious Gomez
Precious Gomez 10 dagar sedan
*welcome back I-No*
Mario 10 dagar sedan
Guitar character? Too Asian for me, I leave the game for you to enjoy
Licht AmSchluusseln
Licht AmSchluusseln 10 dagar sedan
Please, Sony, notify me when all whole content has been released and put your price. Don't advertise uncomplete products.
Hans Alanson
Hans Alanson 8 dagar sedan
What does Sony has to do making and marketing the game? They're platform owners and media outlet to promote games released on that platform, the game is otherwise Arc System Works'
Blak3 Nikos
Blak3 Nikos 10 dagar sedan
The rock and roll witch makes into the final slot. As it should be.
Pasta Bolognese
Pasta Bolognese 10 dagar sedan
The fact that she's more clothed, but turned out sexier than before is amazing
eowppq 10 dagar sedan
literalmente una gotica culona
Zeks Deks
Zeks Deks 10 dagar sedan
Just let Testament return. :(
edson givagner
edson givagner 10 dagar sedan
Too bad that I'm horrible at this game, but is definitely looking beautiful... 1:05
CrumpTheFirst 10 dagar sedan
I’ve watched this trailer 5 times already
Ruby Rose
Ruby Rose 10 dagar sedan
She looks awesome and all but... Does anyone still remember Testament?
killerjoke2945 10 dagar sedan
Guilty Gear Timeline: 2010 - Age of Magic 2074- Crusades 2175 - Justice is sealed.... 22XX- I-No discovers the use of a bra!!!
Lazer D
Lazer D 7 dagar sedan
And only a bra I might add
Hans Alanson
Hans Alanson 8 dagar sedan
that's a crop top tho...
Bustawof 10 dagar sedan
I just realized she has her own night raid vortex
Jose Martinez
Jose Martinez 10 dagar sedan
Dlc is separate now but previous game was a full roster?
Traynell Ifill
Traynell Ifill 10 dagar sedan
Nah, the original Guilty Gear Xrd Sign and Xrd Revelator had DLC you needed to buy separately as well. It wasn't until Xrd Revelator 2 where the game release with the full roster.
lmfch 10 dagar sedan
I-no that look lady dimitrescu.
Rick Grimez
Rick Grimez 10 dagar sedan
Quiero ya una play
Anonymislsu TV
Anonymislsu TV 10 dagar sedan
But i dont have ps 5 :(
Frizen 10 dagar sedan
It's on ps4 too
Mona Chan
Mona Chan 10 dagar sedan
Why isn't the open beta on ps4
King Crazy
King Crazy 10 dagar sedan
it’s no longer available to download as it was initially supposed to end today. for those who have downloaded it though, the beta was extended so it now ends on tuesday. if you haven’t installed it already there’s no way of getting it now.
Bad Fortune
Bad Fortune 10 dagar sedan
If you played any Guilty gear, you know not to hold back with I-no or you'll be KO'd. I think that's why the video had Sol and Ky tag teaming her.
Cute Bagel
Cute Bagel 10 dagar sedan
i am looking respectfully
Jack-EXZoltジャック・エグゾルト 【VTuber-EN】
Jack-EXZoltジャック・エグゾルト 【VTuber-EN】 10 dagar sedan
Sol and Ky: "How many times do we have to teach you this lesson, old woman!?"
Kuazeyh105 10 dagar sedan
She look likes the tall vampire woman from resident evil 8:v
Baron De Ghost
Baron De Ghost 10 dagar sedan
might be alone but all these new updates to the character designs just don't do it for me and look oddly wide and sorta fat for some characters. maybe to appeal to the eye rolling "thicc" meme mentality. still glad she made it in to the core game.
SuperFizzyjuice 11 dagar sedan
I soooo wish I knew how to play fighting games😞
Alexander 11 dagar sedan
Don't plan to get this for ps5 I still can't find one and your controller is faulty.🙄
Edison Lizama
Edison Lizama 11 dagar sedan
Que pasó con los instant kill? Habrá modo historia en el que se pueda combatir ? La beta esta demasiado buena pero con esas dos cosas el juego sería el mejor juego de lucha
Timelymirror78 11 dagar sedan
😉 she looks like tae takami from persona 5
Alex Aguilar
Alex Aguilar 11 dagar sedan
Me: “No one can beat Giovanna as my favorite character design” Arc: Guitar Witch Me: “SOLD”
Mr. Blue Sky
Mr. Blue Sky 11 dagar sedan
Anji Mito AND I-no did this to me.
El Jojo's Style
El Jojo's Style 11 dagar sedan
Nooooo porque tocaron su cuerpo???? Era perfecta tal cual estaba
Malekath1 11 dagar sedan
Alex Welch
Alex Welch 11 dagar sedan
Y Arcsys 😔?
TheRamenKamen 11 dagar sedan
Still not hype cuz Jam isnt in it.... im mad i bought it already tbh. Last game i was SOLID on my No Jam no Buy policy. Should hve held out for this one also.
Timothy 11 dagar sedan
All I want is Jacko as dlc and then ill be so on board 🥰
retrowave. 11 dagar sedan
I mean. As long as they can add Jam and Baiken to the roster. :)
MDH 81
MDH 81 11 dagar sedan
It's sad that this game has do many unique and awesome looking characters but every stream on twitch and here is basically the same two to four character matchups. The kicker for me is the music is also insane and 95% of streams are just someone yelling over the sound of button smashing and a muted game 😢
Jacaranda Sun
Jacaranda Sun 11 dagar sedan
They gave her a shirt this time
Rap Rabbani
Rap Rabbani 11 dagar sedan
0:40 😉😉😉😉😏😏😏😏
Timelymirror78 11 dagar sedan
😶 what
yung HDMI cable
yung HDMI cable 11 dagar sedan
Why is she wearing a bra?
Yuyusha 11 dagar sedan
Not surprised her chest was covered up. Whether or not Sony forced them to do it or she was designed this way I don't know. Either way it's an unnecessary change in my opinion. (Old design is WAY better.)
Frizen 10 dagar sedan
Nah bro her new design looks cooler
Succubi Pie
Succubi Pie 11 dagar sedan
Cake is on the menu
Chris Murphy
Chris Murphy 11 dagar sedan
Alguien saque el whisly
Brown Link
Brown Link 11 dagar sedan
Jack-O'... no...
Nizama 11 dagar sedan
For all that waiting for this, I have to say that I'm mighty disappointed.
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