Brandon Zimmerman
Brandon Zimmerman 11 timmar sedan
The quality of this trailer alone, makes me want to get The Show, not because I have the last 7 of them, but just because of this trailer.
Derek Ho 2013's
Derek Ho 2013's 11 timmar sedan
From the team who bought you crash bandicoot ratchet and clank and final fantasy series
Terrain 11 timmar sedan
Rated *E for for everyone*
Timid Kid
Timid Kid 11 timmar sedan
not like the controllers will last long enough for people to actually be able to play couch co op
oSaS 11 timmar sedan
Tomasz Wichert
Tomasz Wichert 11 timmar sedan
Ile ludzi to oglądało
Saad Nabil
Saad Nabil 11 timmar sedan
Sonic and Freedom Planet!
Toby Grady
Toby Grady 11 timmar sedan
I wish we can get a price
Basavaraju Jeevan
Basavaraju Jeevan 11 timmar sedan
Unknown 11 timmar sedan
TH5_ P4lum
TH5_ P4lum 11 timmar sedan
Just insane
Rishon Gill
Rishon Gill 11 timmar sedan
F*ck I had enough of this franchise.
WesmyTheGamer 11 timmar sedan
Now that, is a game to look forward to😁. August is far, but it doesn't matter, take your time to make it as polished as possible👍🏾
Souad Ghazouani
Souad Ghazouani 11 timmar sedan
There will be many things to purchase
Химка ¡
Химка ¡ 11 timmar sedan
Poggies_Groggy 11 timmar sedan
Don't let R34 artists get to this game please.
Mohamed Waraiieth
Mohamed Waraiieth 11 timmar sedan
The art and gameplay are so cool
The Big Average - Jordan Speck
The Big Average - Jordan Speck 11 timmar sedan
Track mania anyone
ash Jojo
ash Jojo 11 timmar sedan
Angelos A.
Angelos A. 11 timmar sedan
Ι was getting Klonoa vibes till I saw the 2d style. Looks cool tho
ash Jojo
ash Jojo 11 timmar sedan
SOΞDΞSCO 11 timmar sedan
🐰 Thanks for watching everyone! Hope to see you all on the game's launch on March 26th 🙌
Michael Trecartin II
Michael Trecartin II 11 timmar sedan
Is that purpled fur bot at the end potentially twisted bonnie? Twisted bonnie is known to have sharp claws.
lol head
lol head 11 timmar sedan
Another furry for the "artists"
Papermario glitchy4
Papermario glitchy4 11 timmar sedan
Take my MONEY
Igor Beuk
Igor Beuk 11 timmar sedan
If you can't buy PS5 don't blame Sony. Market will be more stable in future. Miners are to blame
big man tyrone
big man tyrone 11 timmar sedan
that hand at the end of the trailer might be the stitch wraith
Takemura76 11 timmar sedan
Yes please! More couch co-op for the wife and I to play. This is an open market now that so many more women are interested in games than when I was a teen. It’s great quality time with lots of laughs on games like overcooked2. Please focus on more than sports games though! Some adventure games would be fun too!
Radhitya Nurcahya
Radhitya Nurcahya 11 timmar sedan
I'm getting rayman and klonoa vibe here xD
ethancodes 11 timmar sedan
When this trailer started, I heard a faint "Seeegggaaaaa" coming from deep inside my closet.
Gabriel Castillo
Gabriel Castillo 11 timmar sedan
Swazzy 11 timmar sedan
dude this made my 2021 i cant stop being excited
Artur O ́Pingu
Artur O ́Pingu 11 timmar sedan
Alguien mas sintió que el diseño de Freddy ahora esta mas loco y escalofriante ahora?
egor shelokov
egor shelokov 11 timmar sedan
Press X on Xbox
Wazza Matcha
Wazza Matcha 11 timmar sedan
Im so sorry but they all look like 12 years Old fursonas
Atabak Fartash
Atabak Fartash 11 timmar sedan
Javier Gomez
Javier Gomez 11 timmar sedan
Fix the drifting issues SONY , it gets annoying and makes you don’t wanna play anymore, please fix this issue , I could buy a new controller but what if that one comes with the same issue!
WesmyTheGamer 11 timmar sedan
Let's see if it's more of a metroidvania style, than a simple 2d platformer🤔
Sirmel11 11 timmar sedan
This looks fun!!!
jk op
jk op 11 timmar sedan
All right... you’ve done it again SE... I’m hyped!!!
Turtle Rhythm
Turtle Rhythm 11 timmar sedan
Nice, reminds me of sonic
king x
king x 11 timmar sedan
Braulio Marcial
Braulio Marcial 11 timmar sedan
Deividas Gedvilas
Deividas Gedvilas 11 timmar sedan
Vinícius 11 timmar sedan
Vai encarar?
Hector Garcia Garriel
Hector Garcia Garriel 11 timmar sedan
Theres diference bettewen all mortal combat games or they just improve the graphics and call It a Game?
Alaskaaa 11 timmar sedan
This looks so much like PS2's Speed Racer game. If you know, you know.
KnightlyScholar 11 timmar sedan
Looks like Sonic-style games are going more indie.
4 Gamers Gaming
4 Gamers Gaming 11 timmar sedan
So awesome! 😃😃😃😃
Radical Ravioli
Radical Ravioli 11 timmar sedan
Everybody: the voice at the start is most definitely purple guy Me: I’m pretty sure that’s MatPat talking to Scott Cawthon
Raf Tansuke
Raf Tansuke 12 timmar sedan
I think at eternal is a metroid rip-off I THINK
Raf Tansuke
Raf Tansuke 11 timmar sedan
I mean reternal
X Marks The Spot
X Marks The Spot 12 timmar sedan
You picked the least enjoyable Doom to do this with!? You could have at least used DOOM(2016).
Albert Speer
Albert Speer 12 timmar sedan
Why is the security a women again? Seriously?
Flavio PS
Flavio PS 12 timmar sedan
sonic the hedgehog? 😂😂😂😂
Felicia Emma Angeline
Felicia Emma Angeline 12 timmar sedan
Scott Cawthon?
Oscar Clarke
Oscar Clarke 12 timmar sedan
You know they're going to have a shitload of DLC cars
Nada a Dizer.
Nada a Dizer. 12 timmar sedan
junior 12 timmar sedan
13 comments lol
Day tan
Day tan 12 timmar sedan
It's very fantastish
TAO AKO 12 timmar sedan
Geeky Humanoid
Geeky Humanoid 12 timmar sedan
Keep doing VR playstation ! !!
Enzo Corrêa 合
Enzo Corrêa 合 12 timmar sedan
Parece Celeste 🙂
jermel 12 timmar sedan
Paladins is so shameless and is literally copied every major multiplayer game innovation since its release
TheDragonComics 12 timmar sedan
This looks cool, most of indie platforms this days are pixel art, nice to see some clean art for a change.
Sirmel11 11 timmar sedan
I agree that this looks fun!
Andrea Moraja
Andrea Moraja 12 timmar sedan
Wow stunning!
Владимир Сурилов
Владимир Сурилов 12 timmar sedan
It feels like I watched the trailer for the 2011 game ...
XathuraX 12 timmar sedan
Anyone knows if this has multiplayer?
M Abdulhamid
M Abdulhamid 12 timmar sedan
Man when on earth will be the long-awaited PC/xbox version announcement? I thought we only had to wait a year!
Dirtblox—yitz 0855
Dirtblox—yitz 0855 12 timmar sedan
:3 why does this look better than any other game
Aadil AR
Aadil AR 12 timmar sedan
I have 25% of the cars that I just watched
Enzo Corrêa 合
Enzo Corrêa 合 12 timmar sedan
Parece Banana Kong , só que mais bonito 🙂
Djalma Reis
Djalma Reis 12 timmar sedan
I want it so much ! But in Brazil, its too expensive >.<
Ains 12 timmar sedan
Um crash nos moldes antigo, gostei
- TheSalemCrow -
- TheSalemCrow - 12 timmar sedan
I was half expecting this to have pixelated graphics
MROYAL96 YT 12 timmar sedan
Furry uwu
yyyamzaH 12 timmar sedan
See y’all in 5 years
Oyama Mpendu
Oyama Mpendu 12 timmar sedan
Bunny ear grabin and sick sound track. I'm in
markus chief
markus chief 12 timmar sedan
Looks terrible
The kid with a quest
The kid with a quest 12 timmar sedan
Me. Want. Now.